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Dwell at Home’s Agency Portal empowers independent in-home senior care agencies with technology to help more families.  Our App connects seniors with in-home care partners, offering a more affordable, convenient, and personalized care option. We use a unique approach of matching seniors with compassionate caregivers based on personality, hobbies, interests and preferences — ensuring a better fit for the seniors and care partners alike.

Our Solution:

  • Are you a caregiver? – The Dwell at Home caregiver App allows you the caregiver to work on your own terms. Enter your time available, rate of pay and services you provide, then jobs that match your profile will show up on your App. Get paid and find jobs all on our convenient App.
  • Are you an Agency? – Dwell at Home’s Agency Portal helps agencies with office solutions, accounting, EVV, scheduling, pay, finding caregivers, and more.   (COMING SOON)
  • Do you need care? – Dwell at Home offers a trusted, affordable, and convenient solution to find care for your loved one. Find care, schedule a caregiver, pay, all in a few clicks on our care seeker App. 

Seeking Care


Find in-home care in minutes not days! We have senior parents too. Safety and trust are at the top of our list when it comes to someone else caring for our parents.  Caregivers you will see on the App have been screened while on-boarding, can choose to have a background check, and are community rated with our 5-star system.  This 3 pronged approach can bring trust in who you choose to care for your loved one. You can click on what care and chores are needed.  If your need isn’t on the list just add it in the description. You can message the caregiver on the App in case you forgot meds, remind them to take a walk, or which sushi your loved one likes. This keeps you informed because who knows your senior and their needs better than you.

Dwell at Home is a convenient, stress-free way to find in-home senior care for your loved one. Dwell at Home is an app that connects seniors with in-home caregivers, offering a more affordable, convenient, and personalized care option that you can trust. Find a caregiver in minutes not hours and days. We’re changing the future of in-home senior care through our unique approach of matching seniors with compassionate care partners based on personality, hobbies, interests and preferences — ensuring a better fit for seniors and care partners alike. Seniors deserve the best we have to offer. With Dwell at Home, you’re bringing the best to their doorstep.  Do well at home with Dwell at Home.

Download our free Dwell at Home – Care Seeker App today.

  • Fulfillment
  • Personalized Care
  • Trust


Giving Care


With Dwell at Home, you are the boss. Consider your perfect working scenario, flexible schedule, healthy compensation, and a sense of fulfillment. Getting work from Dwell at Home will give you more than money, it will help you learn invaluable lessons from those who have gone before you. You no longer have to hunt for work, Dwell at Home brings work to you. Caring for seniors brings fulfillment. If you’re searching for a way to earn your living while learning from an expert in your field, or just having fun over shared interests then you are searching for Dwell at Home.

Download the App, get a background check, complete your profile and choose which jobs are right for you. You get paid automatically into your bank account. It’s just that simple. Download our free Dwell at Home Caregiver App today.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Healthy Compensation
  • Sense of Fulfillment



Dwell at Home knows everyone is looking for a more efficient way to manage our lives. We are bringing in-home senior care away from faceless franchises and into the palm of your hand with our convenient app.

Personalized Mentorship

Using our unique algorithm, Dwell at Home matches your senior loved one with a caregiverr based on common interest and personality. This matching feature enhances the experience of the senior and caregiver alike.


Dwell at Home's 5 star rating system, onboard screening, optional background check and reviews gives you peace of mind that your senior is in good hands. This community regulated environment assures the relationship will flourish.

“To bring the wisdom and experiences of seniors to a younger generation.” We do that by bringing a convenient App for caregivers and those seeking care.  Also, we empower independent agencies with the technology they need to be competitive in this ever growing market.  This helps grow an agency owners business, helps more caregivers have jobs and helps families find trustworthy care.

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