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How It Works!

Dwell at Home’s Agency Portal can help you grow your business by simplifying front and back office operations.

  1. Convenient – Run your business from anywhere from any device with the Dwell at Home portal or App. 
  2. Grow your Business – Use your caregiver or choose from a pool of caregivers that are screened on the App.
  3. Simple front and back office operations – Manage your caregiver pool and client jobs.
  4. Operate your business from any device – You can operate your business from any device from any location.
  5. Scheduling– Our smart scheduling tools provide a smooth schedule with no overlaps. 
    • Schedule with a few clicks. 
    • Caregivers check in and out on the app/portal (EVV).
    • GPS caregiver tracking while “checked in”.
    • Use your own caregivers or pull from the caregiver pool on the app.
  • Smart Pay System – Reduce office time with our smart pay system.
    • No client invoicing required
    • Automatic billing
    • Direct pay to caregivers
    • Receive client payments with credit cards
  • Push Notifications – Send push notifications to the caregiver pool.
  • Accounting Integrations – Reduce back office functions through direct Quick book integration.
  • Branding – With our white label system keep your brand and we will help build it.
    • Website development
    • Logo development
    • Marketing
  • And More…

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Agency FAQ

Dwell at Home ensures help transferring or integrating your business and the help you need from either our chatbot or a real person for a smooth transition. Our goal is to have you up and running as soon as possible.

  • Taking scheduling and much of the back office burden frees up employees and yourself to do what else is needed in office time.
  • Integrates EVV and the latest technology into your office.
  • Freeing you to do what you were called to do, care for seniors.

You can use from the pool of caregivers on the Dwell at Home app. The goal is to give as many seniors a better experience and as many caregivers jobs as possible. This can help you expand your current market and ad locations

Rod Palmer

Rod has owned 7 businesses previously, 3 of them with Mike Clark. I’ve always enjoyed the stories seniors tell. “The wisdom I learned from seniors in my life made me who I am today”, especially my Godparents Bill and Louise Mackey. Rod dropped out of University of Alabama. He says…

Mike Clark

He has always had a love for seniors. Mike worked in environmental and auto engineering most of his career and helped start several engineering companies. Mike has a BS degree from Auburn university where he met the love of his life, Audrey. He also has a MBA from Central Oklahoma…