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1.  What are the steps involved to register as a Caregiver for Dwell at Home?

You simply download the Dwell at Home Caregiver app and create an account with an email address and unique password. Once your account is set up there are a few screening questions, and then you are able to select what services you offer for home care. From there you are able to edit your profile to include more details about yourself, as well as upload a photograph for potential Careseekers to see.

2. How long does it take to register to become a Dwell at Home Caregiver?

It only takes a matter of minutes to answer a few questions and set up a profile.

3. Is there a cost associated with becoming a Dwell at Home Caregiver?

There is no registration fee or other upfront cost to become a Caregiver for Dwell at Home. There is also no additional monthly or annual cost.

4. How do I find jobs on Dwell at Home?

Once you have completed your profile, including identifying your interests and selecting what services you can provide, Dwell at Home will match you with potential Careseeker jobs in your area. 

5. Am I an employee of Dwell at Home once I register as a Caregiver?

No, each Caregiver is a contracted self employed entrepreneur who simply uses the Dwell at Home app to paired with Careseekers.  

6. Can Careseekers review me?

Yes, a Careseeker can review you after you have completed a job provided by them. This review will show up on your profile.

7. Can I accept cash or check from a family I have met through Dwell at Home?

Accepting payment off of the app is prohibited by our terms of use and will result in you and the family/Careseeker being removed from the platform.

Dwell at Home makes receiving payment for your services easy by connecting your bank account safely and securely through Stripe. You will receive an email from Dwell at Home to set up a Stripe account after you register as a Caregiver.

8. What do I need to do if I have to cancel a job?

It is of the utmost importance that Dwell at Home Careseekers maintain confidence in Dwell at Home’s matching service, and trust that their Caregivers are reliable. If a Caregiver needs to cancel a job, all communication needs to be done through the Dwell at Home app. Please ensure you give a reason to your Careseeker for the cancellation.

It is important for Caregivers to remember that multiple cancellations, no shows or late arrivals will result in removal from the app.

 9. What sort of services are the Careseekers looking for on Dwell at Home?

There can be a range of services a Careseeker is looking for for their senior loved one (or themselves if they are the senior). Companionship, transportation, housekeeping, meal prepping and bathing/dressing are a few. You can list out additional services you are able to provide in your profile for Careseekers to see. 

10. When do I get paid?

Payment is deposited every weekend for that week’s work.

Make sure you have the automatic deposit set up in the Stripe account.

11. Do I report my Dwell at Home earnings on my tax return?

Since you are considered to be a self-employed entrepreneur your earnings will also be filed as self-employed.

12. Do I set my hourly rate on the Dwell at Home app?

Yes, each Caregiver determines their hourly rate and range. The minimum rate is $8.00/hour. Each Caregiver also sets their own schedule.

13. I am not getting as many jobs as I would hope. What can I do?

Dwell at Home’s matching algorithm will do its best to appropriately match Careseekers to Caregivers, then it’s up to the Careseeker to who they want for the job. If you are not getting as many jobs as you would wish for, please ensure the following:

a. Your account profile is complete with all profile questions complete

b. You have a clear and clean profile photograph of yourself- Care seeker’s want to see who they are hiring. This is a very important task to complete to get more jobs.

c. Check the app frequently to ensure you are not missing job notifications.

It’s important to remember that the more 5 star reviews you have the more jobs you will get!

You can be your own boss and become and Caregiver today, visit the app store here and download the Dwell at Home Caregiver app!