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1. My Caregiver is late, what do I do?

Have you messaged them? 

If not, then you will need to pull up the job in the Dwell at Home app, and click on     ‘message’. Here you can confirm a time or reschedule, and this should send an instant notification to the Caregiver. 

I have messaged the Caregiver, but I still have not heard from them and they are not here.

If it has been 30 minutes or more past the job start time, please cancel the job. If the Caregiver doesn’t show up then Dwell at Home will provide a refund to you. You will need to enter a new job to find another Caregiver.

2. When will my card be charged?

 A hold will be placed on your card as soon as you assign a job to your selected Caregiver. Your card will be charged the following Friday night after the job is completed, for payment distribution on Saturdays.

But I received a popup notification already stating my card was charged?

This is simply a hold on the card. Your card is charged the immediate Friday at midnight after the job is completed.  

3. I would like to choose a specific Caregiver- how do I do that?

You can choose a specific Caregiver for your job(s) as long as they have availability. You choose a specific Caregiver from the list of available ones in your area, and after clicking on their profile you can click on ‘Send Job Request’. After you hit that a pop up will show up on the center of your screen that gives you the option to ‘Create a Private Job.’ The job you create will only be sent to this Caregiver and will not be made public for other Caregivers to view on the platform. You can also make a Caregiver a ‘Favorite’ on the Dwell at Home app.

4. How do I know that the Caregiver will be on time?

It is expected of the Caregiver of arrive on time for their job, however, Dwell at at Home unfortunately cannot make that guarantee.  If a Caregiver is repeatedly late, please contact Dwell at Home’s Customer Service. You can also keep this in mind when reviewing your Caregiver.

5. What training does Dwell at Home provide each Caregiver using the app?

Dwell at Home does not provide training to Caregivers who access the platform. Many Caregivers will have years of experience, and if you have any questions regarding an individual Caregiver’s training you may message them through the Dwell at Home app.

6. How does a Careseeker respond to an emergency?

Always contact 911 as soon as possible.

7. What specific services does Dwell at Home provide?

Dwell at Home does not offer specific services for in-home senior care. Instead, Dwell at Home allows Careseekers such as yourself to seek out specific services needed for themselves or a senior loved one. These needs may include companionship, meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation, bathing or more. The app then matches Careseekers to specific Caregivers who can provide those requested services.

8. What if my senior does not approve of the Caregiver or wants a new one?

The Careseeker has complete control of the Caregivers that they choose. Therefore, you can always pick another Caregiver for future jobs.

Can I make special requests to find Caregivers with similar interests and hobbies as the senior needing care?

 Yes, Dwell at Home matches Caregivers to Careseekers based on similar interests and experiences.

9. My card got charged twice for one job completed, what do I do?

Contact Dwell at Home Customer Service and the issue will be investigated and a refund issued if this is the case.

10. What if my Caregiver has a car accident while on the job with my senior in the car?

Please ensure that there is a police officer on the scene and an ambulance if needed. Your senior will need to be part of the accident report. A copy of the Caregiver’s automobile insurance policy should be on the Caregiver and issued to the police on site.

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