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Hello and welcome to Dwell at Home, a new app that is looking to redesign how senior care is done. We are Phil Davis, Mike Clark and Rod Palmer. We have been best friends for decades, worked together daily and had previous businesses together. Most recently Owls Hollow Farm in Turkeytown, Alabama. Yes, Turkeytown. More than 20 years ago we were on the cutting edge of Organic and Hydroponic produce. We created a brand and was a leading farm for fresh produce in the Birmingham area. Our produce was served in some of America’s finest restaurants. We had a lot of fun and were blessed to make thousands of new friends. We enjoyed the farm, but last February we sold it to pursue more important things, taking care of seniors.


Seniors Are Our Passion

Before this chapter of our lives Mike was in the auto engineering field. His business was doing quality control for the auto plants around the southeast. Phil and Rod were home builders and real estate investors. We always wanted to help people and make their lives better.

The three of us have been impacted by seniors in our family and community all of our lives, and these more mature people have helped develop us into who we are now. We’ve always had a heart for seniors, each of them with their own unique personalities, experiences, and wisdom. My generation all grew up with grandparents close, and are better people because of the input they had in our lives. However, we now live in a transient society, and even if people are close to their family, they do not live close to them. Grandchildren may live in Seattle and the grandparents live in Birmingham. This is the story way too often. The family may still be tight knit, but the parents and grandparents are not impacting the young people’s lives on a daily basis. We believe that wisdom is supposed to be passed to the next generation. The Millennial generation has a desire to make a positive impact on the world. This is why they will pay more for shoes or other items so the product can also be given to someone needy in another country. They also enjoy time with older people. Many of them realize the missing link of wisdom and experiences from the seniors That can make them better people and use this wisdom to sidestep pitfalls in life because of what they learn from the seniors. We have found a way to bring this wisdom from the seniors to a young generation.

In the last decade smart phones have changed our lives, everything from how we shop to how we catch a ride.

What is Dwell at Home?

Our business is Dwell at Home. We are bringing in-home senior care into the palm of your hand with a mobile app that values convenience, personalized mentorship, and trust. We are all accustomed to using apps in our daily life. Just click on the day and time you need care or can give care and then you are matched with a caregiver or care seeker who you have something in common with. In our everyday life we use a 5 star rating system to accurately assess products or services. This same way caregivers and careseekers will rate the interaction with the 5 star rating system, much like Uber. We have learned that a real, in depth rating provides information that conceives the best matching system.

The senior sitting industry hasn’t changed since its conception over 2 decades ago. You call a brick and mortar sitting service and they send the next person in line to sit, and that’s usually what they do.

We match seniors with young caregivers according to personality, career, hobbies and interests so the pair have a common thread to enjoy their time together. The senior can pass their experiences and the caregiver can share their experiences from a current perspective