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Changing Paths

Wow! What an eventful last couple of year’s we’ve had. Just 2 years ago we (Mike Clark and I(Rod Palmer)) were running Owls Hollow Farm at Pepper Place Farmers Market in Birmingham, Alabama. We are so thankful for the 17 years we were there. Most of the people who I now call my friends were once my customers, even my now business partner for Dwell at Home, Mike Clark. Together Mike and I sold Owls Hollow Farm because God gave us the opportunity to develop a company that will help a lot more people. The right people showed up in our path to help us along the way. We’ve put in all of our time, life and money into building Dwell at Home over the past couple years. We have always had a heart for seniors and now we can do something about it.




What It's All About

Christmas is a time when you think about giving, family, blessings, and Jesus’ birth. Can you imagine if we could keep our eye on these things year round? Man, what a year we would have! These thoughts give you happiness, feelings of belonging, hope, and joy. When children look back on Christmases past, they don’t remember the gifts that they did or didn’t get, but rather the good memories.

One of my favorite memories is standing at the bottom of the stairs at the farm filming all three of my kids as they came down on Christmas morning. As they saw what we got them they would be happy, surprised, and thankful. As parents our children are everything. We will do without in order to get those looks of joy from them. As they got older they complained about the filming but those moments always flood my heart with joy. At the moment, when we got to see the happiness that all the planning and preparing for Christmas morning lights up your kids faces it’s all worth it.

In all the hoopla of Christmas always remember, Christmas is like a giant magnifying glass on you life. It makes the good better and the bad worse. This is why suicide is up during the holidays. Try and take time this holiday season to be mindful of others, they may not be as lucky as you and may need some extra joy in their lives this time of year.



Looking Forward

I look forward to the holidays for a different reason. I’ve always been a planner. After Christmas is a week of planning the next year, day to day, week to week, and month to month. I review my past year and decipher if I have improved over time. Since this time last year have I become stronger, healthier, smarter, a better parent, or friend? If we don’t have goals set at the start of the year we may be the same by this time next year. Here at Dwell at Home we are setting some BIG goals. We set out to help seniors and have already been able to seen some fruits of our labors but our journey has just begun. We plan to grow and help many more in the coming years. We have started in Birmingham but have hopes to expand our business throughout the state and eventually throughout the country.

Moving into 2020 I am trying to always look at the positive side of things. I love the verse from Proverbs 23:7, “For as a man thinketh in his Heart so is he”. This is such a powerful verse.  So, if you want to be happier, more fulfilled, loved, successful, and thankful, try and look at the positive side of things in 2020. As 2019 comes to an end I think about how it has been the best year of my life- and I plan for how 2020 is going to be the next best year of my life. So heres to the best year of your life!

Thank you for your freindship and for following our journey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Dwell at Home team!