Shopping online for groceries is a great tool for many seniors who are home-bound, handicapped, or in hard times like now with COVID-19, where seniors are self-isolating to keep themselves healthy. If they do not have family that lives close that can bring their groceries to them then delivery or pick-up is a great option for them. Below I will walk you through the step-by-step process of ordering groceries online through Wal-Mart.

Step 1

Go to Click on the “Grocery” icon on the top right corner of the page.

Step 2

Check to make sure that the Walmart is a location located in Pelham or Hoover if you are participating in the FREE ERRAND DAY (Wed. March 25th). If not, make sure that it is the Walmart which you want to go pick up your groceries from or if you pick delivery that it is one in a close enough distance from your house.

Step 3

Type in what item you would like to look for in the search bar. 

Step 4

Once you have located what item you would like to order, click on “Add to Cart”. 

Step 5

Click on “Check Out” when you have added all items into your cart that you would like to purchase. Walmart and some other grocery stores may have a minimum that you have to spend to do pick-up groceries, you may be unable to click check out until you have reached that minimum amount, here Walmarts was a $30 minimum. 


Step 6

Once you click on “Check Out” you will be asked to create an account or login if you are not already. If you need to create an account click “Create Account. Fill out all the requested info and click “Create Account” again.

Step 7

It will take you to a page that asks if you are missing anything in your groceries, if you are not, click on “Continue to check out”. If you still need to add anything then search for it like you did previously.

Step 8

Due to some items being low stock some may be sold out. You can choose to remove them from your shopping cart or “Shop for replacement”.

Step 9

Unfortunately, since there is a high demand for pick-up groceries you may get a message like this that states no pickup slot is available. You can switch locations you check back periodically to see if any slots are available. 


Step 10

Once you are able to reserve a time slot to pick up your groceries they will take you to enter in your card information to pay for the groceries. This step is simple, you just use your card of choice and it will ask you the type of card, card number, etc. Once that is done and you click complete purchase you will be all done!

I hope this was helpful and hope that you sign up to be apart of our FREE SENIOR ERRAND DAY! We will be doing errands for shut-ins due to the COVID-19 pandemic who are self-quarantined and unable to go out and do the errands themselves. This can be going to pick up groceries, dry-cleaning, or just going to grab them some lunch.


To sign up for the FREE ERRAND DAY click here and send us a message to sign on as a volunteer or let us know what service you may need on Wednesday March 25th. All requests for service must be in by 8pm CST Tuesday, March 24th.

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy, please keep the senior community in your thoughts and prayers. Please practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible so that we can flatten the curve.