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Creating a Job

There are two ways to create a job: 

1.You can request a job from a specific caregiver OR post a job and caregivers will apply to you. Both are as easy as 1-2-3!

a. To request a job, open the app, tap Search Caregiver, tap a profile you like and tap Send Job Request.  Select a private or existing job. You can enter in all the details of the job right in the app.

b. To post a job, open the app, tap Post a Job, tap Create New Job, Post Private and enter the details for your job and click Done.

Once a job is accepted by your caregiver:

2. You need to Assign the Job.



a. You will get a notification and email.  Open the app, tap My Jobs and tap View Applicants.  Tap Assign a Job.  Confirm the hourly rate.  Keep in mind the rate includes a 30% per hour fee payable to Dwell at Home upon the completion of the job.  If you haven’t set up a credit card in the app, you will be prompted to do so.

3. Finally, once the caregiver arrives for the scheduled time, you need to mark attendance after the scheduled check-in time passes.  Open the app, tap My Jobs, tap Assigned and choose Mark Attendance.  This will start the timer for your visit. 

4. If you need to contact your caregiver before the job starts,  open the app, tap My Jobs, tap View and choose Message. You can communicate via the app directly.


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While using our platform if you have suggestions to help improve the Careseeker community please email them to contact@dwellathome.com to help us continually develop and grow.